Friday, February 10, 2012

Jewish, prejudice and us.

What is freemason really is? It’s a ‘secret of Jews’ at first but has been acknowledge to whole world in many ways and it has been told that freemason will take over the world soon. Freemason is an illegal secret society among Jewish or also known as Zionist, world leader as in past which is influence by that race’s religion.
Look up there, Jewish also known as Zionist which is assumed as ….. Indeed, it’s the reason of why people are being prejudiced towards Jewish.

Back to Freemason’s story, that society once was a good institution of principle but the revolution change the growth of the society. The leader has take advantage of the name ‘secret society’ of Freemason to gained control of it. So based on my research, Freemason has their ritual before to become a real Freemasonry (group’s member). Some say Jews killed Jesus.

What I’m trying to state here is every religion has their equality of belief. It is unacceptable to be prejudice or judgmental towards Jewish. It is not fair to be unfair. ‘Kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga.’ Malay’s proverb is really useful for this situation. Because of certain people’s mistakes, all of them are being judged to be the same.

What is the relationship between this topic and my chosen article on Adolf Hitler? As we scam and scanning the article, Adolf Hitler is extremely hates Jewish. An extreme sample is when Nazi mass murder which is under Adolf Hitler’s order or control that has killed 6000000 Jewish on concentration camp. Over one million kids have been murdered. Tell me what wrong has the children did? I might has make you questions more about the factors of hatred and prejudice or stereotype on Jewish. All  of them will be answer later on my next topic.