Monday, January 30, 2012

Adolf Hitler, Nazi's hatred

What are the exactly reason Hitler hate Jewish so much until he recruit the Nazi to killed million Jewish? Most research state that Hitler’s life experience had influenced his hatred towards the Jewish. Some of them state that Hitler had been treated badly in his life by the Jewish. He has been rejected twice from a university which he claimed the professors are Jewish. He was once really wants to be an artist. But what makes me wonder is why he is being so emotion about it? People deserve chance and forgiveness. Furthermore, he is himself a Jewish since he born.

As he extremely dislikes the Jews, Nazi or many other societies assumed Jewish as communist. Not only because of the internal impact of what had has happen to Hitler but also what has Jewish done. Did you know that Jews are the one that cause Germany was defeat in World War 1? By that time, it has been told that Jews was envied with German’s successful on economic. So Jews has being such a scapegoat for Germany’s economic problems. In the other words, Jewish is also called as ‘civilization’s destroyer’. Start from that moment, Jewish has categorized as convenient enemies.

As the Jews has been the object of hatred by Hitler, Nazi and others, everything that Jewish made had been take too serious. A strange conspiracy theories said that Jews were trying to conquer world or to achieve ‘world domination’.  Jews is also an inferior on Nazi’s sight. Everything seems too dangerous.
Somehow, this situation makes me wonder something. Why Hitler and Nazi is being such an insecure and so obsessed with the idea of Jews so-called destroyer. It’s not that I’m critics what they thought of Jews but for me, they are being un-matured, too insecure of Jew’s impact on them. I’m not judging or side to any of them, this is just my view on them. 

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