Saturday, April 21, 2012

Left, right, brainless.

Left brained person  is a person with only one's very own concept of right and wrong as the basis of one's reality. in other words, left brain hemisphere is more to intrapersonal skills. 

in the other hand, rght brained person is an emphatic to other's concept of right and wrong as the basis of one's reality and i can conclude it as an interpersonal skills because it's involve the communication between us and people around us.

n general, the left and right hemispheres of our brain process information in different ways. While we have a natural tendency towards one way of thinking, the two sides of our brain work together in our everyday lives. The right brain of the brain focuses on the visual, and processes information in an intuitive and simultaneous way, looking first at the whole picture then the details. The focus of the left brain is verbal, processing information in an analytical and sequential way, looking first at the pieces then putting them together to get the whole

Founder of Apple Inc.

The inside look of Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs was remembered as the man who brought the greatest invention to human’s digital world and he turn out to be one of the greatest visionaries of our time. However, did he become a great human in his personal life similar to his professional life?

Those who worked with him and knew him closely would described him as harsh, unapologetic person and he had a cruel management of driving his employees to satisfied is own needs and satisfactions in works.  

As the Apple ascended, Jobs fully changed. He became more hot tempered and he treating people around him badly. Jobs denied his paternity when his longtime lover, Chrisann Brennan gave birth to his daughter, Lisa. He refused to provide any financial help to Chrisann and he became a distant father to Lisa. He continued to be stubborn and deny paternity until it was confirmed by a DNA test.

Jobs was a perfectionist and demanded perfection and originality in every detail. He only believed in himself and he was the only one who was right in all situation and decision. Consequently, he was fired in 1985 because he hijacked a team that was working on another project to create the first Macintosh computer.

Because of the company's own desperation, he was brought back to the company even he was still felt indignation with what happened at Apple. Eventually, he felt even bitter when his old enemy, Bill Gates was on his way to becoming the richest man in the world because of the operating system that Microsoft has modeled on the Macintosh.
End of this, I believe that everything he did have its own reason.

I quit

I'm cool kids, I'll quit facebook.

Early in February 2004, Facebook was founded by Mark Zukerberg and known as a famous social network in this new era. Facebook has become one of the most viewed website after managed to achieve more than 845 active users in February this year.

According to the a technology reporter from New York Times, Jenna Wortham reports that joining Facebook isn't cool nowadays. She states on her reports that Facebook is continuing to grow in United States, but after 56 percent boost from October 2009 to October 2010 Facebook grew only ten percent from October 2010 to October of this year. In her observation, many people quitting from Facebook because they think that Facebook is not secure to protect their own privacy anymore.

I might say that I'd agreed with her. Nowadays, Facebook wasn't attractive for me as well. I used to spend my time babbling on my Twitter. For me, Facebook will brings lot of controversy on a status update, picture uploaded and comments. Those thing will occur bad/wrong impression for anybody. As we already know, Facebook is place to get know new people all around the world. It means that, everyone can just easily click the "Add Friend: then after get the approval, you can viewed her status, picture and her profile. There's no privacy at all.

When we lived in a new community, we tend to adapt new environment, and lots more. What I going to tell here is, Facebook will brings the good method to knowing each other, for example; seniors and juniors. But somehow, it may lead to others perception about us either bad/good.

Facebook is one of the way to look out for new mates. Many teens nowadays, use Facebook to look for love. Some of them maybe were a naive/shy person in reality, but they can socialize in their own "cyber world". Do you believe in a long-distance relationship? For me is kinda nonsense. But in this new era, everything is impossible. Let me leave you with a video that I got from Youtube about "long distance relationship" starting from Facebook. 

Romantic and Libertine

The article is an interpretation of the concept of a romantic or libertine. It examines the nature of romance and of libertine and puts forth the question to its audience whether a person should put his or her feelings first or their beloved’s feelings first. Regardless of the main idea, both the romantic and libertine are self-destructing to any believers of love.

The article begins by saying that the need for romance can sometimes be so overwhelming that it lead to the loss of lives and great civilisations. Therefore, it is necessary for any educated person to study the nature of love and romance although some may protest for the reason that love should be surreal and authentic without any conscious effort. Love is further described by giving examples from most dictionaries with definitions and symptoms like love is a feeling of affection or sexual passion for another person. The definitions failed to justify the meaning of love and also the symptoms of love.

The article further described love as something that goes hand in hand with resentment and hatred, hence, love can be known as an intense feeling of affection and resentment, with a strong longing to be with the beloved object. Romance is then described as “A existing sense of wonder and mystery, surrounding the mutual attraction in love affairs.” Romance has it’s rituals that is divided into three types, obligatory romance, optional romance, and courtly love. Romance can be summed up as the celebration of an individual. Those who practice the ritual to its finest forms are known as the romantic.

Romantics treat their object of desire with the upmost care and concern, treating their beloved object as something very hard to possess, thus something very precious. This however may hurt the romantics in the long run if their beloved object does not share their enthusiasm. The best example of a romantic is in the play Cyrano De Bergerac, a true-life story of a soldier and playwright who has an unrequited love towards a woman named, Roxanne Robin. Cyrano De Bergerac thinks he is not worthy to be loved by Roxanne because he has a big and ugly nose. In addition, Roxanne was in love with another soldier, Christian. Roxanne has asked Cyrano to be their mediator and this breaks his heart but he still agreed. Because Christian has trouble with expressing himself, Cyrano was the one who wrote all the love letters to Roxanne and the letters captured her heart. Roxanne and Christian got married but not long after that, he died in a battlefield. Heartbroken, Roxanne retreated to a nunnery where Cyrano visited her everyday to entertain her. At the end, Cyrano was mortally wounded and only then did Roxanne found out the truth but it was already too late. The play poses the question whether we should put our beloved object’s feelings first.

The article then discusses on the concept of a libertine. A libertine is one who has no concerns on the questions of a romantic. The best example of a libertine is Giacomo Casanova. He was an adventurer and associates himself with great thinkers and high statuses people. In his memoir, The Conquest of Casanova, he describes his conquests with various men and women along his travels and adventures. He also wrote down strategies and tactics to woo his targets. The article ends once more with the question whether one should put one’s own feelings first or their beloved object’s feelings.


Friends is my diary, our family and sometimes they are the guider. As a friend, we will feel what they fill and below is my comments towards men who is being typical minded towards girls of mine.

Someone from my friend list in Facebook was a bit depressed with what had happen to her last night. So she decided to release her angry-ness by posting F word, it's just 'F*uk you'. Somehow, we can't blame on her 'cause she devastating with her life. Don't you have ever felt being betrayed or what-so-ever which is hurt you the most? I know you must at least got one, and frankly I tell you, I used to use F-word when I was angry with something but surely not on my Facebook 'cause it's better being says than type. 

Back to the main topic, why you-guys blame us-girl when we says the F-word? I almost laughing when someone said 'Lelaki pun segan nak sebut'. To be truth, are you follow this nowadays generation in expressing what they want to. It might your first time seen a girl posting something harsh but do you like when people condemn what you did? Obviously, none of us like to be condemn so do you. You just don't see the right mad-person on the right time. What did you saw just, thousands patience person in every seconds. 

Whatever it is, don't easily blame people. When you point a finger to someone else, the another four finger point back at you. And for those gone mad, try to express you feeling with a better way. 

Why people being so mean, prejudice and stereotype? Girls cant curse? You have give me a good reason. Please learn more about the reasoning skill as in win it.

Land Diving, earliest topic of subject.

Land diving is a traditional ritual of a race in Vanuatu.
Whole world saying that there is nothing like the feeling of plummeting headfirst to the earth, only to be hold their leg to an elastic rope. But in Vanuatu, their men do take part in a ritual that could kill them.

Land diving is mad to kill people. That is other's opinion. I believe there must be reason for their comments on land diving. This is through my research, land diving can cause death. In completing the ritual, they will be done without any safety equipment. They just to have faith and trust on their luck. The ritual was take in lace to proof the masculinity of the men. It is ridiculous. There is many other way in showing their masculinity. As for me, be a gentleman person is also a masculine guy. 

However, I don’t agreed with the statement that this traditional ritual can cause death, yes, it is proven that a man has been died of land diving. He might don’t have his luck while the ritual, who knows. As in my research, I found that the land diving ritual started, the equipment will be check first. The rope that will be use on the ritual has to be a thick and strong rope. Besides, the soil will be softer as it will absorb the impact from the body of the men.

Anyway, who want to lose their man? I don’t. I’m not judging but this ritual is idiot. Yes, idiot. I am not using any euphemistic language.

This is my thought, please don’t sue me. Everybody has their own right.

Jack...Jack the Ripper

In achieving your ambition to be a lawyer, I suggest to practice in by win the case of Jack the Ripper. The unrevealed case of murdered of the most awful modus operandi.

However, during the murder case, there is more than twenty people has been suspected. So, it is really hard to determine who the real murderer is. But all of them has been arrest as they have the most similar characteristic of the real Jack the Ripper.

I do feel like I’m already a lawyer when I was given the task of defends my un-guilty clients, James Kelly. He is only a furniture up-holster and he don’t know how to handle the physician knives. For me, it is ridiculous for him to cut off the body of five prostitutes.

As in becoming a good lawyer, you have to learn many things about law. You have to learn the perfectly reasoning skill as anything must be done because of motive.  You can’t easily blame this that and those person without evidence or good reason.

Besides, being a lawyer does need you to get the evidence or eyewitness who is have the credibility in that case. Who wants to believe a blind man who admits he heard of a fought before an incident of dead man at the place? While he cannot see the real picture of the situation.
It is not easy to be a lawyer but it is not so hard as what people say.