Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How he conquer world with his speech

Instead of believe, fight for it.

Standing on a podium before thousands of Nazi party members, Hitler crossed his arms and waited a few moments before starting to speak as he want eveythig should be silent and calm before he start deliver his speech. Everybody is silent waiting for his words. The audience had already been kept waiting over an hour for his arrival into the hall.
When it came to making speeches, Hitler was the key master of manipulation and prejudice and also stereotype.

In the early years of his rise to power, he often spoke in Beer Halls and make up his own style of speaking accordingly as the crowds became more demanding.
He would begin precisely, logically but with bad idealogy of the Jews..

Hitler was fascinated by mesmerism and even hired a voice trainer to hone this talent.
By 1932, German production had fallen by half, with 6million unemployed during the depression. So in order to sway the masses, Hitler would speak of his vision of a 'great national revival'.

And his largest asset was his oratory. Egon Hanfstaengl, the son of Hitler's foreign press officer, said during a recent documentary, Fatal Attraction Of Hitler: 'He had that ability which is needed to make people stop thinking critically and just emote.

'The ability derived from his readiness to throw himself totally open - to appear bare and naked before his audience, to tear open his heart and display it.'
And he displayed well. In his carefully orchestrated public addresses, with its grand ritual and sense of unity, Hitler gave the people what they wanted.

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