Saturday, April 21, 2012

I quit

I'm cool kids, I'll quit facebook.

Early in February 2004, Facebook was founded by Mark Zukerberg and known as a famous social network in this new era. Facebook has become one of the most viewed website after managed to achieve more than 845 active users in February this year.

According to the a technology reporter from New York Times, Jenna Wortham reports that joining Facebook isn't cool nowadays. She states on her reports that Facebook is continuing to grow in United States, but after 56 percent boost from October 2009 to October 2010 Facebook grew only ten percent from October 2010 to October of this year. In her observation, many people quitting from Facebook because they think that Facebook is not secure to protect their own privacy anymore.

I might say that I'd agreed with her. Nowadays, Facebook wasn't attractive for me as well. I used to spend my time babbling on my Twitter. For me, Facebook will brings lot of controversy on a status update, picture uploaded and comments. Those thing will occur bad/wrong impression for anybody. As we already know, Facebook is place to get know new people all around the world. It means that, everyone can just easily click the "Add Friend: then after get the approval, you can viewed her status, picture and her profile. There's no privacy at all.

When we lived in a new community, we tend to adapt new environment, and lots more. What I going to tell here is, Facebook will brings the good method to knowing each other, for example; seniors and juniors. But somehow, it may lead to others perception about us either bad/good.

Facebook is one of the way to look out for new mates. Many teens nowadays, use Facebook to look for love. Some of them maybe were a naive/shy person in reality, but they can socialize in their own "cyber world". Do you believe in a long-distance relationship? For me is kinda nonsense. But in this new era, everything is impossible. Let me leave you with a video that I got from Youtube about "long distance relationship" starting from Facebook. 

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