Saturday, April 21, 2012

Land Diving, earliest topic of subject.

Land diving is a traditional ritual of a race in Vanuatu.
Whole world saying that there is nothing like the feeling of plummeting headfirst to the earth, only to be hold their leg to an elastic rope. But in Vanuatu, their men do take part in a ritual that could kill them.

Land diving is mad to kill people. That is other's opinion. I believe there must be reason for their comments on land diving. This is through my research, land diving can cause death. In completing the ritual, they will be done without any safety equipment. They just to have faith and trust on their luck. The ritual was take in lace to proof the masculinity of the men. It is ridiculous. There is many other way in showing their masculinity. As for me, be a gentleman person is also a masculine guy. 

However, I don’t agreed with the statement that this traditional ritual can cause death, yes, it is proven that a man has been died of land diving. He might don’t have his luck while the ritual, who knows. As in my research, I found that the land diving ritual started, the equipment will be check first. The rope that will be use on the ritual has to be a thick and strong rope. Besides, the soil will be softer as it will absorb the impact from the body of the men.

Anyway, who want to lose their man? I don’t. I’m not judging but this ritual is idiot. Yes, idiot. I am not using any euphemistic language.

This is my thought, please don’t sue me. Everybody has their own right.

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