Saturday, April 21, 2012

Founder of Apple Inc.

The inside look of Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs was remembered as the man who brought the greatest invention to human’s digital world and he turn out to be one of the greatest visionaries of our time. However, did he become a great human in his personal life similar to his professional life?

Those who worked with him and knew him closely would described him as harsh, unapologetic person and he had a cruel management of driving his employees to satisfied is own needs and satisfactions in works.  

As the Apple ascended, Jobs fully changed. He became more hot tempered and he treating people around him badly. Jobs denied his paternity when his longtime lover, Chrisann Brennan gave birth to his daughter, Lisa. He refused to provide any financial help to Chrisann and he became a distant father to Lisa. He continued to be stubborn and deny paternity until it was confirmed by a DNA test.

Jobs was a perfectionist and demanded perfection and originality in every detail. He only believed in himself and he was the only one who was right in all situation and decision. Consequently, he was fired in 1985 because he hijacked a team that was working on another project to create the first Macintosh computer.

Because of the company's own desperation, he was brought back to the company even he was still felt indignation with what happened at Apple. Eventually, he felt even bitter when his old enemy, Bill Gates was on his way to becoming the richest man in the world because of the operating system that Microsoft has modeled on the Macintosh.
End of this, I believe that everything he did have its own reason.

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