Saturday, April 21, 2012

Analogy is mix of me.

Being sarcastic is my favorite hobby.  As the last entry about the parody, there is nothing different between parody, satire and sarcasm. I love to irritate people with my sarcastic talks.

One of my sarcasm was;
“Who love Justin Bieber?”
And few of my friends raise their hand.
I smile and told them this, “Stop being a lesbian kids.”

Besides sarcasm, an analogy also contents of simile. It’s the differentiate of two similar thing. Yes it is little bit confusing. Let me give some example of simile.
Nobody is perfect.
I am nobody.
Therefore, I am perfect.

Now did you get what I mean? I bet, you are.  Being sarcastic is one way for me in deliver my anger or my irritating feelings towards anybody or to an object. With being sarcastic, you will not have to show your immature behave or to go mad at all time. It is really calmed treatment for me since laughing on something is my thing.

Other things I would do when I feel annoyed with somebody is by having a long and loud laugh even they do stupid jokes. I will laugh while others were confused with the one’s joke. Or sometimes when I feel like bored to death and my friends keep refusing to do something crazy thing, I would say this to them “I’m having so much fun, this is heaven” and if they don’t get what I’m trying to say, I will speak it out louder.
I guess that’s all on analogy topic. See you guys on next entry!

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