Saturday, April 21, 2012


Friends is my diary, our family and sometimes they are the guider. As a friend, we will feel what they fill and below is my comments towards men who is being typical minded towards girls of mine.

Someone from my friend list in Facebook was a bit depressed with what had happen to her last night. So she decided to release her angry-ness by posting F word, it's just 'F*uk you'. Somehow, we can't blame on her 'cause she devastating with her life. Don't you have ever felt being betrayed or what-so-ever which is hurt you the most? I know you must at least got one, and frankly I tell you, I used to use F-word when I was angry with something but surely not on my Facebook 'cause it's better being says than type. 

Back to the main topic, why you-guys blame us-girl when we says the F-word? I almost laughing when someone said 'Lelaki pun segan nak sebut'. To be truth, are you follow this nowadays generation in expressing what they want to. It might your first time seen a girl posting something harsh but do you like when people condemn what you did? Obviously, none of us like to be condemn so do you. You just don't see the right mad-person on the right time. What did you saw just, thousands patience person in every seconds. 

Whatever it is, don't easily blame people. When you point a finger to someone else, the another four finger point back at you. And for those gone mad, try to express you feeling with a better way. 

Why people being so mean, prejudice and stereotype? Girls cant curse? You have give me a good reason. Please learn more about the reasoning skill as in win it.

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