Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dear, it's parody talk.

It is fun, it is beyond awesome thing to do for teasing other and it is half of me.  The god father of parody is and he did a very well humorous parody of Hitler. He was made fun of Hitler’s masculinity as he showed that Hitler was not a straight man. Do you get what I mean by parody?

Parody is a primarily use of wit in make fun of particular subject. One of the examples is on above. And I do have example from my generation, which is I believe most of the teens know about it. However, in my case, the act of parody is assumed as a sin. What it is all about?

Do you ever heard of the parody account of TMJ? Tengku Mahkota Johor, the up-coming to be crowned king of Johor. I am here is not to judge or complaining his action but as a ‘The Highness’, I somehow believe that his action to report to the police about the parody account if his is unacceptable.  Few social networking user, Twitter has been quiz because of the report. As for me, he was being immature because why is he even care about the parody account? Did he have nothing to do more?

Parody account of him has been sign up by anonymous who I believe have no other intention except to make fun or humors of Tengku Mahkota Johor’s behavior. He claimed this and that, condemning everybody on Twitter. His parody account is absolutely posted different things, way too much with satire.

Okay, this is the bad thing about parody. It is fun to make fun and laugh out loud of a person or particular subject, but it is somehow could affect life. Anyway, while you are on swinging mood, I suggest to watch or to learn about parody. It would brighten your life with laugh.

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