Saturday, April 21, 2012

Jack...Jack the Ripper

In achieving your ambition to be a lawyer, I suggest to practice in by win the case of Jack the Ripper. The unrevealed case of murdered of the most awful modus operandi.

However, during the murder case, there is more than twenty people has been suspected. So, it is really hard to determine who the real murderer is. But all of them has been arrest as they have the most similar characteristic of the real Jack the Ripper.

I do feel like I’m already a lawyer when I was given the task of defends my un-guilty clients, James Kelly. He is only a furniture up-holster and he don’t know how to handle the physician knives. For me, it is ridiculous for him to cut off the body of five prostitutes.

As in becoming a good lawyer, you have to learn many things about law. You have to learn the perfectly reasoning skill as anything must be done because of motive.  You can’t easily blame this that and those person without evidence or good reason.

Besides, being a lawyer does need you to get the evidence or eyewitness who is have the credibility in that case. Who wants to believe a blind man who admits he heard of a fought before an incident of dead man at the place? While he cannot see the real picture of the situation.
It is not easy to be a lawyer but it is not so hard as what people say.

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